Summer in Armenia

In vain it is not said “Armenia is an open museum under the sky”. Here you can get acquainted with the rich history of Armenia. In this sunny country there are historical and archaeological monuments of all the eras.  You can visit Armenia in all the seasons, but it would be great if you do it for example at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn, when the country blossoms and there are tasty fruits and vegetable  to try.

Almost everyone loves the country, especially those who appreciate the cultural values. Tourists come here to admire the beauty of the country, enjoy their stay and the hospitality of the nation. You can be in such places where our grandparents struggled for their motherland, where developed the old civilization.

There is always a big question before visiting a country: where to go first? Well, there is also a big answer for this question. If you don’t want to go far from the capital, you can visit Garni. It is a pagan temple which is the only preserved temple in Armenia. It is amazing that near the pagan temple there is a Christian chapel. The temple was so beautiful that even by building a Christian chapel they preserved the temple after accepting Christianity.

The tour can continue to the cave monastery Geghard. It is a unique monastery as it was build with one stone. The 2/3 of the monastery is totally built in cave.


To be in Armenia and not visit Sevan is impossible. In summer you can swim in the lake and try the tasty Sevan fish. And those who are not afraid to go far can visit Nagorno Karabakh. The culture is mild here and it will make you trip even more enjoyable.

The list of the places where you can visit is very long. Chose wherever you would like to go and enjoy your summer holidays in Armenia.