Tours to Armenia, Prices and Other Information

If you have decided to have unforgettable holidays, then Armenia is the right choice for you. It is easy to get to Armenia. Most of the European citizens as well as Russians and citizens of some Eastern countries do not even have to get visa before coming into Armenia. They will just get an entrance visa at the airport. This will cost about 10 dollars and then you can feel free in Armenia and enjoy the historical sight of it.

Once you came here the first thing you need is to rent an apartment or book a room. If you seek to find a comfortable room and do not want to live in a hotel, then you have better rent an apartment just for a few days. But anyway if you prefer hotels the price of hotels will not be expensive so that you will have money to waste and buy souvenirs for your friends.

There may be people who would like to see magnificent place of our country like Tatev Monastery or drive to Nagorno Karabakh. Here you would have to rent a car and a map which will not let you get lost. Renting a car is an ideal decision because during the drive you can stop wherever you want enjoy the sights and take photos, so that a few years later you will have something to remember and tell about it to your friends.

Still there will be people who would not like to drive the car all day long and organize their holiday themselves, because somehow they may not know which hotel will be good for their stay or how to know anything about the historical places. Here comes the role of a tour operator. Tour operators in Armenia will make everything for you. You can order tours with a guide who will give you all the information about the historical places. In this case all you will need is to relax and enjoy your time in such a tiny but great country.

One of the most important things is Armenian cuisine. I will not afraid to say that Armenian dishes are one of the tastiest ones in the world. Armenian barbeque, dolma, qufta, matsuni, lavash: these are the fist things that you must surely taste here. Armenian restaurants are full of tasty dishes and while enjoying your supper you can listen to Armenian folk music and see Armenian national dances. You may try Armenian konyak (brandy) and wine.

Hospitality and friendly attitude: that what you will find in Armenia. Armenians always liked to host people here. As Ksenofon said one of his historical books: Armenian tables were full of tasty dishes, and they all liked you host people in their house and give the best to their guests.


We are ready to host you here in sunny Armenia. Welcome!