Tours to Armenia from Europe

As you know Armenia is a mountainous country, which attracts not only ski lovers but also those who love ancient countries and those who like to be in touch with the history. Tourists who are interested in history find it necessary to visit Armenia. So many historical events happened here: the Greece passed through Armenia, Armenian ancient civilization existed here.

It is easy to get to Armenia. You can get here by plane or by bus. It is easier and more comfortable to fly here by plane. There can be direct or transit flights friom different European countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Austria, Czech, Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and etc..  It will take you just a few hours to reach your destination. But the same cannot be said about buses. To cross Armenian border you will have to pass through Georgia or through Iran. The trip will take you maybe a few days even. The advantage of this trip is the cheaper ticket and patience that you will gain during the tour to Armenia.

The most asked question is ''Does it have any sense to visit Armenia''. Well to take into consideration that Armenia is an open air museum you should do it. Here are thousands of places of interests and all of them are unique. Armenia keeps treasures like pagan temples, Christian monasteries, interesting and old caves, Urartian fortresses, cross-stones.

Not only historical monuments but the nature is fascinating here. Thick forests, fresh air and mineral waters make this place like a heaven on the earth.

So after all I will ask you the same question: ''Does it make any sense to visit Armenia?''