Daily tours in Armenia

If you don't want to take a package of excursions, then daily tours are just for you. There are a lot of interesting places in Armenia and if you, for example, came here for two days and have decided to visit places about which you have read in Internet or heard some interesting stories about, then there is no need to lose time: order some daily tours and have fun. During the excursions you may know more about the country and may decide where to go next. Local people will help you by advising where to go. They are very hospitable and will be glad to help you anyway. For example if you have heard about the longest cableway in the world, then you would like to visit Tatev monastery. The excursion may be combined with visit of some other places of interest like Khor Virap. Khor Virap is a monastery located on a high hill. When our first catolicos Gregory the Illuminator did not want to obey the pagan king, the latter ordered to throw him in a deep pit.  He lived there for 13 years. When Trdates the King got ill he knew that Gregory is still alive in the pit and ordered to bring him to the palace. When Gregory the Illuminator cured Thrdatesm he accapted Cjristianity. Nowadays on the place of the deep pit there was built a beautiful church named Gregory the Illuminator. 

On the way to one of the beautiful monasteries of the world you can also visit Noravank. Noravank is translated as new monastery. It was built with light yellow stones and the first impression about the monastery is that it was newly built. It is a unique architectual building situated on a high hill. On the way you can visit the old observatory built 6000 years ago, or a beautiful waterfall Shaki. There are many legends connected with the waterfall.

And if you like lakes then visit to the Sevan is just for you. You can continue your way to Dilijan visit two medieval monasteries Haghartsin and Goshavank, and on the way back you can visit Lake Parz. It is a small lake but a very clear one. That is why it is named Parz which means clear.


So all you need is to choose a proper tour for you and enjoy your time in Armenia.