Tatev, heritage of Armenia

I will not be afraid to say that Tatev monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries in the world. This monastery was famous as a religious and educational center of medieval Armenia. Tatev is situated in very high platform, where you can get by the longest ropeway of the world. This excursion will leave unbelievable impressions on you.

Tatev was found in 895 by Armenian king Ashot and his wife Shushan. In the 10th century here lived more than a thousand people. In the 14th century was famous for its University which was the biggest University in Armenia. A lot of subjects were taught at the University: philosophy, literature, grammar, mathematics, architecture, history and etc.. At that time Tatev was the biggest intellectual center in the whole Caucasus.  Of course during the centuries the monastery has destroyed a little. The latest earthquake of 1931a little bit destroyed the walls of Tatev. But the reconstructions helped the monastery to regain its beauty.

The pendulous column (called Gavazan Siun) is a monument dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It is located to the south of the Cathedral. The column is about eight meters tall and is crowned with a cross-stone. It has few decorations and no inscriptions and has been left unaltered since its construction. The key purpose of the column is to alert of minor earth tremors and thus giving early warning signals about possible earthquakes. The column returns to its vertical position after it moves.

There are 3 churches in the monastery: Saint Astvatsatsin, Saints Paul and Peter, and Sain Gregory the Illuminator.

So all we will is to enjoy your trip. Have a nice day. Your will not be left without impressions :)