Khor Virap - Noravank - Jermuk (overnight) - Selim - Lake Sevan - Sevanavanq

Tour to Khor Virap. According to the legend Gregory the Illuminator was prisoned in a deep whole where he lived 13 years here, left with his tortures alone. He could survive with the help of a woman who brought bread and water for him every day. From here you can admire the best view of the biblical Ararat. Here stopped Noah's Arch after the great flood. Trip continuous to Noravanq, which is situated on the top of a cliff. It fulfills the beauty of the nature. Tour continuous to Jermuk. Jermuk is a resort city in Armenia, where there are a lot of springs of mineral water. Overnight in Jermuk. Early in the morning tour to Selim Caravanserai. Very long time ago caravanserais were used in Armenia like hotels where the salesmen could stay at, "take a breath" and have a rest.  Sevan, Sevan peninsula, Sevanavank. Return to Yerevan.



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32 - 34
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