Sevan - Sevanavank

Tour to Lake Sevan,  excursion in Sevan peninsula.  From the top of the peninsula you can admire the stoning beauty of the Sevan. Sevan is one of the main tourist attraction in Armenia. On Sevan peninsula there is a monastery called Sevanavank. When Armenia adopted Christianity in 301 Grigory the Illuminator, the first Armenian catolicos built a small chapel right here. There are many legends connected with Sevan and Armenians really believe in them. Here you can try different Armenian dishes and fish. No one can leave without trying fish. Sevan is like a piece of sky on the earth. It is worth visiting. Tour includes transportation and guide service. Duration of the tour is 4 hours.




Currency :
Distance (km)
Duration (hrs)
Up to 3 pax
4-6 pax
7-15 pax
16-22 pax
More than 23 pax
AMD 23500
AMD 32000
AMD 40500
AMD 70000
AMD 107000