Haghpat - Sanahin

Tour to the north of Armenia, visiting two medieval monasteries Haghpat and Sanahin. Both monasteries were built in a picturesque place surrounded by canyons and thick forests. Being built in the 10th century the monasteries were the center of the Armenian religious culture. During the coming centuries a few building were added to the both complexes like chapels, gavit, jamatun, academy building, cemetery, book repository and other auxiliary buildings.It is impossible not to like these monasterries as they surrounded by magnificent nature which makes them more beautiful and more charming.




Currency :
Distance (km)
Duration (hrs)
Up to 3 pax
4-6 pax
7-15 pax
16-22 pax
More than 23 pax
AMD 41500
AMD 49000
AMD 61000
AMD 118000
AMD 182000