Sevan - Dilijan - Hagartsin - Goshavank

Tour from Yerevan to Lake Sevan, walking excursion in Sevan, Sevan Peninsula and visit to medieval monastery complex Sevanavank, from where you can admire the unusual beauty and sight of the Sevan. The tour continues to spa city Dilijan. It is one of the beautiful resorts of Armenia, with dense forests and mineral water. Visit to Goshavank and Haghartsin monasteries, which are in one of the angles of the thick forest. One of the  greatest Armenian writers Mghitar Gosh lived and wrote many of his masterpieces here, from here comes the name of the Monastery. Return to Yerevan. Tour includes transportation and a guide. The duration of the tour is 9-10 hours.



Currency :
Distance (km)
Duration (hrs)
Up to 3 pax
4-6 pax
7-15 pax
16-22 pax
More than 23 pax
AMD 36500
AMD 43000
AMD 51500
AMD 96500
AMD 134000