Garni - Geghard

Tour to Garni pagan temple, which is the only preserved and unique temple in Armenia. Built in the 1st century BC it proudly stands on a hight hill surrounded with magnificant nature. This fact is proven by the Greek cuneiform writing found near the temple. According to the legend Alexander Macedonian passed the bridge, the ruins of which can be seen not far from the temple in the canyon of The Azat River. Visit to Geghard Cave monastery. The monastery got his name from the lace with which the body of Jesus was hurt. It is a unique monastery as it is surrounded by huge cliffs and by a canyon from the fourth side. Return to Yerevan. Tour includes transportation and guide service. Duration of the tour is 5 hours.



Currency :
Distance (km)
Duration (hrs)
Up to 3 pax
4-6 pax
7-15 pax
16-22 pax
More than 23 pax
4 - 5
AMD 17000
AMD 23500
AMD 30000
AMD 58850
AMD 91000